Schedule (Tentative)

Updated 10/4/2019


4:00PM           Welcome

4:15PM-6:00PM    Agents of Transnationalism: Authors and Publishers

Translating, Transforming, and Targeting Books for Children: Author and Publisher Morten Hallager as a Transnational Agent in Late Enlightenment Denmark (c. 1768-1803)
Charlotte Appel (Denmark)

Christian Felix Weiße’s Children’s Magazine Der Kinderfreund. Ein Wochenblatt (1775-82): Communication, Translation and Transformation
Ute Dettmar (Germany)

The Publisher Heinrich Friedrich Müller and His Impact on the Children’s Book Market in the Early Nineteenth Century
Carola Pohlmann (Germany)

6:00PM           Reception


9:00AM-10:45AM    Illustrations Crossing Borders

From Michaelmas-Day to Thanksgiving: The Transatlantic Transformation of “Poor Molly Goosey” Into “La Gansa Amorosa”
Laura Wasowicz (USA)

Children as Users and Producers of Narratives and Media Across Mid-Nineteenth Century Northern Europe: Translations of Karl Blumauer’s Die kleine Stella und ihre Puppe [1832] and Der kleine Robert und sein Steckenpferd [1833] into Danish and Dutch
Nina Christensen (Denmark)

Comenius in New York
Patricia Crain (USA)

10:45AM-11:15AM   Break

11:15AM-12:25PM   Transnational Publication Practice

“It was a book with German letters!” International Encounters in Jewish Children’s Literature
Gabriele von Glasenapp (Germany)

Reprints, Piracies, Hibernicisations: Children’s Books and Late Eighteenth-Century Dublin Booksellers
Emer O’Sullivan (Germany)

12:25PM-1:30PM    Lunch

1:30PM-3:15PM     Migrant Books

Going Global: Transnational Networks and the Spread of Cheap Print for Children
Matthew O. Grenby (UK)

Children and Popular Print in a Transnational Perspective: A State of the Discipline
Elisa Marazzi (Italy)

Girlhood as a Transnational Creation: An International Perspective on Dutch Girls’ Books (1750-1800)
Feike Dietz (The Netherlands)

3:15PM-3:30PM     Break

3:30PM-4:40PM     Colonial Agents of Transnationalism

The Travels of The Traveller: Children’s Literature Circulating in the Enslaved and Colonized Nineteenth-Century Atlantic
Courtney Weikle-Mills (USA)

Agency and the Children’s Crusade Against Slavery: 1791-1833
Lissa Paul (Canada)

4:45PM-5:15PM     Discussion and Summing up Day 2


9:00AM-10:45AM    Transnational Genres: Fairy Tales & Short Stories

The Journey of “Lille Alvilde”
Aasta Marie Bjorvand Bjørkøy and Janicke S. Kaasa (Norway)

The Grimm’s Children’s and Household Tales on Its Way to France in the Nineteenth Century
Natacha Rimasson-Fertin (France)

Of Mirrors, Mentors, and Models: The Tales of Catherine the Great in Transnational Context
Sara Pankenier Weld (USA)

10:45AM-11:15AM   Break

11:15AM-12:25PM   Agents of Transnationalism: Children

“Travel … is a Part of Education”: Children, Teachers, and Books on the Move
Jill Shefrin (Canada)

A World of Books: Global Thinking and Child Bookmakers
Karen Sánchez-Eppler (USA)

12:25PM-1:30PM    Lunch

1:30PM-2:40PM     Transnational Genres: Fables

“Altering the Original Fables to Suit Chinese Notions”: A Case Study of Robert Thom’s Yishi yuyan 意拾喻言 (1840)
Limin Bai (New Zealand)

Transnational Readings in Fables: Animals in Eighteenth-Century Spanish Children’s Books
Noelia López-Souto (Spain)

2:40PM-3:30PM     Discussion and Concluding Remarks